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The SHRAMY Advantage

World’s first Inverted Learning Program (ILP™).

Proprietary learner-focused pedagogy.

Set in contemporary, real-world industry scenarios.

Authored by industry experts.

Designed for life-long learning.

Why is the Inverted Learning Program (ILP™) so different

Inverted Learning approach

The SHRAMY ILP™ challenges conventional, outdated lecture/video-based tutoring. Our proprietary self-learning methodology ensures learners walk away with a deeper, conceptual mastery of the subject.

Designed around the learner

The SHRAMY ILP™ is learner-focused, not tutor-focused.
By navigating through scenarios, the learners discover, understand, master and implement core concepts, all by themselves.

Contemporary scenarios

Unlike most e-learning websites, SHRAMY ILP™ allows learners to navigate scenarios with contemporary, relevant industry challenges that they will face as professionals in their work life.

Authored by industry experts

Our scenarios are crafted by ILP™ experts who bring years of experience, credibility, real-world understanding and an innate desire to groom talent into a superior league of professionals.

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